Black women will be part of this financial & technology revolution.



Our mission is to bring more Black women into the conversation and provide them the space to be part of this financial and technology revolution. Through partnerships, we strive to empower Black women to become crypto-experts, blockchain UX designers, crypto-investors, dAPP engineers and create their own positions in this new world. 


How we'll get it done.

Our goal is to engage 500 Black women by the end of 2019 who want to be empowered through learning and real-world application. An online guide will teach crypto and blockchain basics, in-person brunches will include hands-on learning and a 24/7 online community, run by Black women for Black women, will be a brave space for on-going collaboration.



The Guide

A guide that teaches the basic fundamentals of crypto and blockchain. We'll learn about everything from where this all started, to where WE can take it in the future.


The Brunch

We are Black women and we LOVE brunch. We'll get together over mimosas to learn by doing. We'll setup our crypto wallets and learn best practices for crypto-investing and trading. Other brunches will focus on creating dAPPs, securing speaking engagements and funding for our projects. We will come together to apply what we've learned in real-time.


The Community 

We learn from each other, our 24/7 online community will be a safe space for engagement, continued learning, sharing of resources and more.


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“Black women must be at the table investing in & designing blockchain technology.”

andrea walker / founder


How did this get started?

I'm Andrea Walker, founder of "Black Woman's Guide to Crypto & Blockchain", and I started researching Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in early 2017. As I learned more I realized the potential of blockchain technology and from there, I couldn't stop thinking about it.

I found that most of the people in this space, teaching, creating and calling themselves experts were white men. And, often times when I asked questions at meetups or conferences, I was talked-down too, brushed over. Additionally, I noticed how there were very few women speaking on panels, and when they were speaking, they were often talked over. 

I believe women, and particularly Black women, can add immense value to these discussions. As a Black woman, I have experienced and seen us put our needs, passions, and goals to the side and doubt ourselves because we don't feel as though we have the authority to speak up. 

The beauty of crypto-assets and the blockchain technology world is that we (humans) are all learning and creating as we go It's not an established industry that has been around for centuries, some people are definitely further along than others, but as a whole, society has no idea what's going on. I am determined to ensure my Sisters know what is happening and how to use this moment to create value for us and our communities for decades to come.


Photo by Eddy Lackmann on Unsplash



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